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An interpreter should always add new words to his/her vocabulary, be it active or passive. One field of vocabulary that an interpreter needs to be constantly keeping abreast of is the different types of slang existent in the contemporary use of his/her working languages. Slang is a treasure trove of social and cultural history as well as a lexical arsenal that mirrors social changes and people’s  lexical relation to them.

Following is a site with some useful exercises for English Slang. Enjoy! 

#In the run-up to the university examinations. While preparing for an examination about the American Legal System, I have come to learn a host of new legal words and phrases, which I find very  intersting because of the strange way they are formed and because of the specific meaning they carry.

To begin with, a person that dies without making a will is said to have died intestate. 

Intestate properties escheats to the state in which the deceased person resided during his life.

A common type of land use control is called zoning, a practice whereby local laws divide an urban place into smaller districts, zones, which are reserved for specific purposes, namely residential, commercial or industrial.

Because of the ever increasing number of couples that decide to get divorced, the regulations governing divorce law have become less strict to the extent that couples can get a divorce without stating the reasons for their doing so. These divorces are called no-fault divorces. 

Attorneys of both sides involved in a civil suit make closing arguments, where they attempt to attack the opponent’s evidence for its unreliability and they often discredit the opponent’s witness. In doing so, they wax eloquent, speak with great skill and eloquence, and deliver an affective and emotional appeal to the jury.

That’s all folks! I will try to include more relevant words in the list in the following days!

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